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Interactive Exhibitions

 Alien Spider



Control Panels

Dancing Lion

Traffic Police

Traffic Police

Playback System

Guitar Man

Ball Curve

Intelligent LED Display
  • Twinkling Lights, M1 Exhibition
  • Dynamo and Lights Interactive Exhibition, Science in the Mall Exhibition

    LED control

  • LED Counters, HDB Greenprint Initiative Exhibition 2012
  • UFO Running LED, Singapore Science Centre
  • World Spice Map Interactive, Singapore Spice Map Interactive, Festival food, Singapore Philatelic Museum

    LED features

Motorised System
  • Motorised Curtain and Mannequin, Take to the Skies, Science Centre

    Take to the skies

  • Typhoon Chamber, Tsunami Factory, Safe Buildings, Earth Science Exhibition, Singapore Science Centre
  • Zeotrope and Dynamo Interactive Exhibition, Clean and Green Singapore 2013
  • Sand Pendulum, Singapore Science Centre
  • Interactive Ball Shooting Game, Haw Par Villa
  • Wireloop Game, Yahoo Exhibition

    Wire Loop Game

  • Dynamo and Lights Interactive Exhibition, Science in the Mall Event by Singapore Science Centre

    Cigarette Lighter

    Bubble Tube

    Bicycle Gear

  • Raft Interactive, NEWater Visitor Centre
Launch Mechanism
  • Completing Blocks, HDB Community Week 2013
  • Motorised Barrier Gate and LED Launch Mechanism, Jurong Health Opening Launch
  • Singapore Map Launch Mechanism, Launch of National Climate Change Competition 2013
  • Key and Light Box, CEL Livenabled Showcase 2012
  • Laptop Lifter Launch Mehcanism, Pico Art International, 2011
Hydraulic and Pneumatic System
  • Quake House, Earth Science Exhibition, Singapore Science Centre
Intelligent Water Feature
  • Water Curtain , Water Screen, Reflective Water Pool, Bubble Tube, Marina Barrage

    Water Curtain

    Water Curtain

    Water Screen

  • Water pool

    Bubble Tube

  • Three State of Water, A Single Drop, Play Pump, Comparative Use, Lifting Water Interactive Exhibition, Singapore Science Centre

    Three State of Water 

    A Single Drop

    Play Pump

    Comparative Use

    Lifting Water Interactive

  • Hydro Blaster, Hydro Cycle, Youth Olympic Game 2010
  • The Mobius Loop, Active Energy Vehicle, The Electric Generator, Porous Rock, Story block interactive & equipment, A World in a Drop, Singapore Science Centre
  • Rotating Barrel Interactive, Singapore Philatelic Museum
  • Vacuum System, HDB Greenprint Initiative Exhibition 2012



Robotic Duct Cleaning Service

Automatic Doors

  • Automatic Sliding Door, Chanel Office, Wheelock Place
  • Swing Door Operator, Nee Soon Camp
  • Large Scale Curved Acoustic Automatic Sliding Door, Typhoon Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa
  • Large Scale Automatic Sliding Trap Door, 5*10 meters, 3*5 meters, National Day Parade 2013 (NDP 2013), The Float @ Marina Bay
  • Roller Shutter Operator, Northlink Building (Industrial Estate)
  • Swing Gate Operator, 36 Vanda Link
  • Comprehensive Automatic Door Servicing Term Contract, Monetary Authority of Singapore

Mechanical and Structural Works

  • Traveling Wave, Singapore Science Centre

    Travelling Wave

Research Equipments

  • Haptics – Force/Torque Measurement System, AStar I2R
  • Packbot Mockup, ECE, National University of Singapore
  • Elder Care Robot, MCYS Funded Project

SURESPAN Access Products

  • Roof Access Hatch, Microsoft Data Centre
  • Retractable Ladder and Loft Hatch, MD6, National University of Singapore

Hydraulic Stage Lifts

  • 5X10 meters Table, 4 meters Rise, Hydraulic Stage Lift, National Day Parade 2013 (NDP 2013), The Float @ Marina Bay

FRP Sculptures and Products

  • Snake chamber, Camel Rider, Chinese Opera Mannequins, ZOUK, Maritime Experiential Museum, Resorts World Sentosa
  • Life Size Rhinoceros, Giraffe, Custom Made FRP Sculpture, Maritime, Experiential Museum, Resorts World Sentosa
  • IBN BATTUTA, ZHENG HE, FRP Sculpture, Black Basalt Finish
  • Water Wally, Custom Made FRP Sculpture, NEWater Visitor Centre, Singapore


And many more projects!