Interactive Exhibitions in Singapore

Since 2005, Robotronics Land has developed dozens of interactive exhibits for museums, events and other public venues. We specialize in motorized, mechanical, electrical, sensor / button triggered exhibits. Our devices can be programed to synchronize with media files.

We develop custom mechanical and electrical system to create educative and amusing experiences for visitors. Our projects have explored a variety of topics; from complex scientific concepts to sensitive cultural subjects. All of the exhibits we develop adhere to the highest technical and accessibility standards.

This page shows some of our recent projects. 


Dynamo and Zoetrope Quake House Pi Xiu Animatronics
  • Traffic Police, LTA Gallery
  • Large Scale Animatronics – Pi Xiu Animatronics, Maritime Experiential Museum, Resorts World Sentosa
Intelligent LED Display
  • Twinkling Lights, M1 Exhibition
  • Dynamo and Lights Interactive Exhibition, Science in the Mall Exhibition
  • LED Counters, HDB Greenprint Initiative Exhibition 2012
  • UFO Running LED, Singapore Science Centre
  • World Spice Map Interactive, Singapore Spice Map Interactive, Festival food, Singapore Philatelic Museum
Motorised System
  • Motorised Curtain and Mannequin, Take to the Skies, Science Centre
  • Typhoon Chamber, Tsunami Factory, Safe Buildings, Earth Science Exhibition, Singapore Science Centre
  • Zeotrope and Dynamo Interactive Exhibition, Clean and Green Singapore 2013
  • Sand Pendulum, Singapore Science Centre
  • Interactive Ball Shooting Game, Haw Par Villa
  • Wireloop Game, Yahoo Exhibition
  • Dynamo and Lights Interactive Exhibition, Science in the Mall Event by Singapore Science Centre
  • Raft Interactive, NEWater Visitor Centre
Launch Mechanism
  • Completing Blocks, HDB Community Week 2013
  • Motorised Barrier Gate and LED Launch Mechanism, Jurong Health Opening Launch
  • Singapore Map Launch Mechanism, Launch of National Climate Change Competition 2013
  • Key and Light Box, CEL Livenabled Showcase 2012
  • Laptop Lifter Launch Mehcanism, Pico Art International, 2011
Hydraulic and Pneumatic System
  • Quake House, Earth Science Exhibition, Singapore Science Centre
Intelligent Water Feature
  • Water Curtain , Water Screen, Reflective Water Pool, Bubble Tube, Marina Barrage
  • Three State of Water, A Single Drop, Play Pump, Comparative Use, Lifting Water Interactive Exhibition, Singapore Science Centre
  • Hydro Blaster, Hydro Cycle, Youth Olympic Game 2010
  • The Mobius Loop, Active Energy Vehicle, The Electric Generator, Porous Rock, Story block interactive & equipment, A World url a Drop, Singapore Science Centre
  • Rotating Barrel Interactive, Singapore Philatelic Museum
  • Vacuum System, HDB Greenprint Initiative Exhibition 2012