Laser Marking Services


At Robotronics Land we provide laser engraving services for identification and branding on a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. From serialisation, barcodes, company logos, 2D matrix or product marking plates on almostanything from electronic components to gift pens; we have a depth of experience to ensure a professional result.  Whether it is a single prototype part or thousands of production parts, we will be glad to help.

What is Laser Engraving?

The laser beam vaporizes material to a user-controlled depth, creating a flat surface with a high quality finish.

What can Laser Engraving be used for?

Laser engraving can be used for corporate identification, product branding and wholesale branding, customized device case, etc.

Industrial Projects such as BAR CODE, 2D CODE, SERIAL NUMBERS

Personalized Gifts, Souvenirs and Promotional Products   


Make any item that much more special by personalizing it with text or graphics.
Planning a gift for anniversaries and birthdays, laser engraving might be the way to go!

PCB Printing

Materials that can be Engraved

Wood, bamboo, Plywood, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), Cork board  


Standard cast acrylic plastic, acrylic plastic sheet, traffolyte, and other cast resins. Other plastics may be successfully engraved, but orderly experimentation on a sample piece is recommended.

Metals and Coated Metals


Product Face Plate, Control Panel Marking, Machine Name Plate



Textiles  (Cloth) and Leather