Sculpting, Moldmaking and Casting

Imagination frees us, Creation renews us.

We produce urban sculptures, education sculpture models, resin handicraft, interior sculptures, animal sculptures, sandstone sculptures, Roman columns, FRP sculptures, embossed sculptures, Three-dimensional sculptures.


Our excellent sculptors bring art into 3D space, building physical works that inspire as they stand before us. Sculptors make beauty and strength that stands on its own.


To create one copy or multiple copies of a sculpture, the fabrication of a mold is the first step. The mold is a copy of the sculpture in the negative. Robotronics Land uses silicon or polyurethane flexible rubber and plaster to create the mold and the mother mold which secures the shape of the rubber. The highest possible level of detail and accuracy of form is produced in our molds.


After the mold is completed, a cast is created by pouring, brushing or spraying the desired material into a cavity in the mold. Robotronics Land regularly creates resin copies although other mediums, such as bronze, plaster, cement, specialty gypsum, and bonded materials, are also options.

Sculpture Material Choices

Depending on budget, environment and aesthetic qualities, Robotronics Land can fabricate sculpture in a wide variety of materials.

Reinforced Polyester Resin (FRP)

FRP is an extremely viable alternative to bronze at times, as it is also suitable for outdoors and can be finished to look like many other natural materials including metal, stone, wood, and precast cement. It can also receive a polychromed finish. It is also extremely lightweight in comparison and can be cast and completed in shorter time-frames. FRP is also commonly used in architectural and ornamental elements, whether new or a replication.

Other materials are also available, such as Bronze, Plaster and Resin & Plastics.