Products and Services

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Robotronics Land Pte Ltd provide the following products and services:

Interactive Exhibitions

  • Human: Traffic Police, etc.
  • Animals: Lion Head, Spider, Dinosaur, etc.
LED Features
  • Interactive Exhibitions
  • Building Interior
  • Custom LED Counters
Water Features  
  • Interactive Exhibitions
  • Water Curtain
  • Water Screen
  • Water fountain
  • Bubble Tube
Equipment Maintenance
  • Theme Park Motorized System Maintenance
  • Amusement Equipment, Interactive Exhibitions Maintenance

Hydraulic Stage Lifts

Sculpting, Moldmaking and Casting


Robotic Duct Cleaning Service

  • Air-con Ducts (for newly constructed or renovated buildings)
  • Kitchen Ducts

Automatic Doors

  • Sliding Door Operator
  • Swing Door Operator
  • Sliding Gate Operator
  • Swing Gate Operator
  • Roller Shutter Operator
  • Door accessories
  • Door Maintenance
  • Sliding Glass Roof
  • Sliding Trap Door

Mechanical and Structural Works

Research Equipments
  • Mechanical Design
  • Control Panel Design
  • Fabrication

Access Products

  • Roof Access Hatch
  • Smoke Vents
  • Floor Access
  • Sureguard
  • Retractable Ladder

Wire Cutting Service

Laser Marking Service