Stage Lifts and Hydraulic Systems

Robotronics Land can manufacture a wide range of customised Stage Lifts and Hydraulic Systems covering a wide range of services to suit both entertainment business and industrial applications.

Everything we build is designed and manufactured for your safety according to International Standards.

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Robotronics Land designs, manufactures, installs and maintains various stage lifts and hydraulic systems.


Hydraulic Stage lifts are commonly used in auditoriums, concert halls, stages, synagogue, cinemas, theatres, multi-function hall, studio, culture and sports centres, hotels, and other cultural entertainment venues.

The lifting capacity ranges from a few hundred kg to dozens of tons.


Robotronics Land have a strong team of experienced professionals who may be able to assist you with your stage lift, hydraulic system design and we are very happy to work with your architects regarding weight bearings, lengths, aesthetics, ISO and other International Standards compliance etc.

Our Technicians provide clean, efficient installs that allow your project to keep moving forward or finish out with our install.

Robotronics Land was appointed the fabricator and installer of stage lifts & stage trap doors for Singapore's National Day Parade 2013. We have achieved this milestone with our Passion, Trust and Relationship, and with our customer's ardent support.

Design, Build and Install

Robotronics Land can also assist you with the design of your lift project if you do not have architects available, we can design and build your project and where applicable, assist with the installation.

Customised or Off the shelf

Whether you need help a special customised stage lift / hydraulic system created or something more standard, please contact our helpful and experienced staff today to discuss your needs. If you need the best Stage Lift and Hydraulic System Manufacturer, please consider Robotronics Land first.


Robotronics Land offers comprehensive, routine, or on-call maintenance services for you. We are just a quick phone call away if you need help.

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Our past projects include:

  • Singapore National Day Parade 2013 – Stage Lifts

Design, fabrication and installation of hydraulics stage lifts, table size 5 by 9.4 meters , lift height 4 meters .

Design, fabrication and installation of automatic sliding stage trap door, table size 5 by 9.4 meters.

Design, fabrication and installation of automatic sliding stage trap door, table size 5 by 3 meters.

  • Singapore Science Center – Earth Science Exhibition

Design, fabrication and installation earthquake house powered by hydraulics. 15 square meters X 3 meters high

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